About Us
About Us

How to start Radio Kotha:
Radio kotha established on 20, march 2013 and officially launched on 01 june, 2013 from Bangladesh.Radio kotha is trying to spread Bangla songs & news all over the world. We were the setup a full studio with radio jockeys to run a radio station on internet. our radio run 24 hrs live programs to our listeners
all across the world.

Our Vision:
To connect the whole world, who love to listen music, access information and express in your self. Our aim is to work with our bangla culture, folk songs and as well new generation bangla songs.

Our Mission:
Meet the people entertainment and information need of the listeners by promoting local culture, music and other happenings. To communicate with whole world ,We are presentation simple and friendly bengali words along with humorous.

Slogan: Konthey Banglar Kotha

FB Page: www.facebook.com/radiokothabd
Twitter : www.twitter.com/radiokotha

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